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Maca is also well known
for it's fertility increasing and sexual performance enhancing properties.

Science behind the maca

In today's modern health and youth conscious
world, this is most likely Maca's most well touted and aggressively marketed property. It is rapidly earning the nickname of "Nature's Viagra".


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Alternative medicine Foundation - HerbMed
"Maca (Lepidium Meyenii) ” on Tropical Plant Database
"Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici Discoverer of Lepidium peruvianum Chacon - MACA”

Numerous Benefits for Both Men and Women


5 main ingredients on TRICAJUS

1. Lepidium peruvianum Chacon (MACA)
2. Tribulus Terresteris
3. Fruit fibre
4. Citric acid
5. Sodium bicarbonate



  • Nutritional value of MACA :
    - Carbohydrate : 59% - Lipids : 2%
    - Proteins : 14% - Minerals, Vitamins & others : 16%
    - Fiber : 9%

    Carbohydrate Provide energy to muscle cells and prevent muscle fatigue
    Present in the seminal fluid to give energy to spermatozoids.
    Increase activity level of spermatozoids.
    Proteins Prevent infertility in both male and female because amino acids are the constituents of reproductive cells.
    Lipids Prevent lack of sexual desire and other sexual dysfunction due to hormone deficiency.
    Fatty acids are needed for hormone synthesis.
    Fiber Cleanse digestive tract. Improve nutrients absorption.
    Minerals Required in energy production and bone formation.
    Vitamins Required in energy production, hormone production and improve cardiovascular function.
    Alkaloids Stimulate reproductive system of both male and female.
    Stimulate calcium and phosphorus regulation. Strengthen bone.
    MACA sterols Increase female fertility and correct menopause problems.
  • Tribulus Terresteris

    Tribulus Terrestris, a miracle herb has been widely used in ancient India, Greece and China as a physical rejuvenation tonic.

    In Eastern Europe Tribulus Terrestris has been used in strengthen muscle and increase sexual potency. In 1980s, Bulgarian government sponsored studies at the Chemical Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Sofia, Bulgaria, in formula for improving physical and sexual performance. This research has made the success of the Bulgarian weight lifting team in Olympic.

    Functions of Tribulus Terresteris

    1. Improve sexual performance
    2. Increase testosterone (male hormone) in men
    3. Reduce premenstrual syndrome and menopause syndrome
    4. Protect the prostate from swelling and prevent prostate cancer
    5. Improve immune system
    6. Prevent herpes & virus infection such as influenza and common cold
    7. Prevent cancer and reduce body fat
    8. Improve vitality, enhance immunity
    9. Alleviates blood sugar level, prevent blood clotting
    10. Enhance heart function


    TricaJuice  (15 sachets x 20g)

    Maca is growing in world popularity due to its ability to raise energy levels, elevate libido and nutrition-packed.

    Price: RM130

    Trial - Buy Sachet

    TricaJuice  (3 sachets)

    Per Sachet: RM10


    1 sachet per day

    Direction of use

    Add in 100ml of cold water, stir thoroughly and drink immediately

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